What can PhD-students vote for?

You can vote for the PhD student representatives and the representatives of all students at the Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien).

PhD Student Representative Body (Studienvertretung)
The PhD Student Representative Body represents the interests of all PhD students at the TU Wien. This includes participation in self-governing bodies at the university, advising PhD students and contacting lecturers and the works council, for example. The election of the student representatives for the Student Representative Body is an election of persons. You may elect zero to five representatives (you may mark up to five crosses on the ballot).

University Representation of Students (Universitätsvertretung)
The University Representation of Students represents the interests of all students at the TU Wien. This includes participation in the senate, contact to the rectorate and the Federal Government Department for Science and Research. You may vote for one political group. Depending on the votes for each political group, the seats (which will be 17 in the next term) are allocated as the D’Hondt method describes. Also, depending on the votes, student representatives are delegated to the federal representation of the Austrian Students’ Union (Bundesvertretung).

To be continued!

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