Who are the candidates for the PhD Student Representative Body (Studienvertretung)?


From left to right: Patrik ZIPS (Electrical Engineering and Information Technology), Alexander GRILL (Engineering and Information Technology), Walid HETABA (Physics), Bianka ULLMANN (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Wolfgang MÜLLER (Mathematics)

We all have worked already in student representative bodies before. We want to use the experience, we made during the past and achieve our goals for the next term:

Lectures suited for PhD studies
The lectures required for the PhD program shall increase the depth of the scientific field of the dissertation. However Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) does hardly offer any lectures suited for PhD students who in turn have to chose lecture of the master programs instead. We want to change this deficiency and want to institute lectures tailored for PhD students. As the pilot project with transferable skill seminars was widely accepted we will provide them again and try to estabilish this achievement as a permanent lecture.

Improved employment conditions
PhD students have a large impact on the scientific output of the TU Wien. Nevertheless, the employment of research assistents was reduced to 25 hours per week including additional effort for teaching and administration. We will campaign for the implementation of the collective agreement and a uniform employment of 40 hours per week for all PhD students. Furthermore, the work balance between administration and research shall be improved.

Representation in committees
The representation of the academic personnel in committees as well as in the work council is mostly composed of PostDoc employees. The concerns of the PhD-students are represented insufficiently. We will speak up for the PhD-students and take a stand in these committees.

As the student council for PhD-students received new rooms, we want to offer fix appointment hours to help new students at the beginning of their studies and help with current issues of PhD-students.

Collaboration with doktarat.at and Eurodoc
Doktorat.at ist an open platform for all young scientists in austria. The student union collabrates with doktorat.at as well as with Eurodoc, the association of young scientists in europe.

The election of the PhD student representation is an election of up to FIVE persons. You may mark up to FIVE candidates with a cross on the ballot. We encourage you to vote for ALL FIVE. There is a lot of work to do during the next two years and voting for all of us ensures that your interests can be represented properly and effectively.

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